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Baker College and Michigan Works! Partner to Provide Free GED Prep and Testing

A high school diploma or GED can open doors for a person’s career.

But trying to get this minimum credential can be expensive and inconvenient — so a new partnership is making it easier.

This new partnership involves Baker College of Cadillac and Michigan Works!

They’ve opened a new testing center, so people who want to take the GED can save significant miles — and money.

“I ended up finishing the last trimester then dropping out,” said Noah Britton.  

Britton’s story is all too common … But today he’s back on track and credits his supportive family.

“It was a few months before I started at the learning lab. My grandpa was the one who really pushed me to do it. He took me there the first day.”

He’s on his way to earning his GED for free. When he does, he’ll start classes toward a nursing degree at Baker College of Cadillac in the fall.

“I’ve passed language arts, social studies and mathematics. All I have left is science. I’m coming here on Tuesday to take that. Very excited, fingers crossed.”

Baker College of Cadillac and Michigan Works! are working together to offer the program.

Students take pre-tests at the Cadillac Learning Lab and go from there.

“I sit down and write an individualized plan to get from where they are to where they need to be, in order to get ready for the tests,” said Adult Learning Lab Instructor David Carpenter.

If students pass their pre-tests then they’re eligible for state vouchers through Michigan Works!

That’s potentially 150 dollars in savings for the four-part test.

“At the pace we’re going right now, I’m gonna have anywhere from five to 10 a month going through it every year.”

Twenty students have taken the test free at Baker College this past month, and all have passed.

Britton’s excited to join them.

“I’m super super excited for college, because I’m starting this fall semester. So that’s a huge step for me and I’m very excited to take it,” Britton said.

If you’re interested in participating in this program, call the Cadillac Learning Lab at (231) 876-1648.