State Police Discover Pipe Bomb Inside Harrison Home

An explosive find for state police searching a Clare County home, they found a pipe bomb.

Police were at the home Saturday looking into a stalking complaint.

When they got there, they saw more than 60 marijuana plants and processed marijuana which prompted a more extensive search.

That led to the discovery of guns and eventually a pipe bomb at the home in Harrison.

State police say when they do searches like these, they expect to come across weapons, but pipe bombs are incredibly rare.

Michigan State Police are still trying to figure out what a pipe bomb was doing in a Harrison home they searched over the weekend. Troopers say the bomb was in a bedroom.

“Anytime anybody would manufacturer a pipe bomb, that’s very risky, because any spark, static electricity, something like that, can set that off and obviously with someone’s hands on making something like that, it’s very risky for their health and welfare,” said Sgt. David Johnson.  

State Police called in a bomb squad to dismantle the pipe bomb.

“Item they used on this was kind of a Jaws of Life or a large set of mechanical shears and they basically shear that in half so that the capsule where the gunpowder is located, no longer has any pressure to it and when the pressure is taken away, the danger for the most part, is taken away from that device,” said Johnson.  

For people in Harrison, it’s an unsettling discovery.

“I have kids that live here, and they have friends, and if one of their friends has a pipe bomb, if my child goes to their house to hang out with them, and that thing was to go off, it’s my kid that’s getting injured so it’s a little scary,” said Robert Davis who lives in Harrison.  

State Police say two people are in the Clare County Jail facing charges for having a substance with explosive capabilities and could face more drug and weapons charges.