High Speed Chase Ends In Saginaw With Suspects In Custody And Everyone Safe

A high speed, multi county police chase started in Isabella County last night.

It ended with this banged up, stolen car in Saginaw County.

Deputies say two men stole the car from Detroit.

They had just stolen a purse from the Soaring Eagle Casino and are also accused of stealing airsoft guns from Walmart. 

Isabella County deputies got the call to the store near Mount Pleasant and say the two men were just pulling out of the parking lot. 

They tried to pull the two over, but the men had other ideas.

“We can control what we do, but we can’t control what the suspect does,” says David Kaiser, Michigan State Police Officer.

When Isabella County deputies tried to pull over two men accused of stealing, the suspects chose the path of most resistance, taking off and running away at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. 

“We’re trying to get what’s called spike strips, trying to get them in front of them. Sometimes their speeds were fairly fast and to get a patrol unit in position in an area where you can spike is sometimes difficult,” says Michael Main, Isabella County Sheriff.

The chase continued along M20 into Midland County, where state police took over.

Their concern is always with the other drivers on the road, that’s how they decide whether to continue to follow the suspects.

“We can only control the actions of our individual troopers, we can control our speed, we can slow down, we can terminate the pursuit whenever we feel the risk outweighs the gain. However, for the bad guy that is trying to get away, he doesn’t have to play by the same rules and often he doesn’t have the necessary training or skills,” says Kaiser.

Troopers finally stopped the car using a maneuver that caused the car to spin out, landing on the lawn of the Comfort Inn at Birch Run.

Police arrested both men, and are glad things ended safely. 

“No one was hurt here, there was no accidents, and it’s always dangerous when they have chases but have to be very careful,” says Main.