Chippewa County Gas Station Robbed, Armed Man Steals Money And Cigarettes

Police are searching for an armed robber who held up an Upper Peninsula gas station yesterday.

An armed man walked into the Admiral gas station at about 4:30 Monday morning, and the worker called the police.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader’s Blayke Roznowski has the latest on the investigation and obvious concern from neighboring gas stations.

Sault Ste. Marie police were called to the Admiral gas station just off of I-75 when they say a worked called them, indicated that an armed suspect came into the gas station, demanded money and cigarettes, and then left.

“The clerk believed that there was a weapon involved and she did the right thing by turning over what the person wanted,” says Detective Brad Lacross.

As the robber left, the worker kept an eye on him, saying she thinks he took off in a silver Dodge Neon.

Now, police are trying to find the man responsible.

“These incidents are very few and far between. In this particular matter, we’ve got some leads to indicate that this person is not from the area, and he has left the area. So at this point, hopefully this will remain an isolated incident,” says Detective Brad Lacross.

But knowing an armed robber is still out there, somewhere, has other gas station workers on edge.

“My girls are scared. They’re really upset. I’ve been trying lately to call them, text them, see how everything’s going, knowing that I’m there,” says Debby Wilkins the manager of Krist Food Mart.

The Krist Gas Station is just down the road from the Admiral. The manager, Debby Wilkins says they’re reminding employees to do whatever they have to to keep themselves safe.

“I told them you give them what you want. You don’t hassle them, just hopefully they’ll take what they want and get out of here and then call the police,” says Debby Wilkins.

Police say they are actively searching for that out of town suspect, and are hoping to make an arrest as soon as possible.