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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Knife Craftsman

Jack’s Journal: Knife Craftsman

A quality knife is forged in fire…it is made by a craftsman. Someone who understands the metal and understands the fire. 

Doun Rose is a craftsman.. He won a scholarship years ago and attended the American Bladeship School.  The knife is a tool that links humans across the centuries.

“Yes thousands of years, probably one of the very first tool.  Beyond picking up a club,” says Cutlery craftsman, Doun Rose II

Doun got the bug when he was about 8 watching his dad a custom gun maker use the forge.  Since then he has made many knives. He has studied the metals, he knows how to balance the handle…and he knows before he starts he must know what his client is looking for.

“Basically you start out with whatever the customer wants.  Find out what they are looking for. Hunting knife, filet knife, kitchen knife. That kind of thing and go from there,” says Rose.

The bug has always been with him, but his career in the military and civilian life kept his talents at bay, until retiring about 20 years ago.  Then things…uh fired up. 

The craftsman loves the carving and creating unique handles and a good balance but his heart lies with the metal. The fire, the hammer. 

He admits about 120 hours go into each knife and he never rushes the process.

“Ya you get caught up with it you wanna see this done, problem is you don’t want to rush it.  You don’t want to rush it it’s.  It’s better to step back,” says Rose.

It started as a retirement hobby, now some 20 years later… a good sharp blade is an obsession.