Prudenville Community Reacts to Police Standoff at Local Home

Details about the situation are limited.

We have tried repeatedly to speak with he Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department, but they are not releasing any information.

Neighbors tell us Saturday night and early Sunday morning multiple police agencies were outside a Prudenville home off of Grapevine Avenue.

“Just seeing what I’d seen, it was kind of startling.”

Cody Newman was driving to work early Sunday morning when he saw state police, township police and sheriff’s deputies blocking off several streets in Prudenville.

He says, “When I came into work this morning at around 7 a.m., a quarter after 7, there was a lot of police activity there, there was a SWAT team behind the Dairy Queen, I wasn’t really sure what was going on.”

Police cars were also blocking one of the parking lots of Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church. Church members watched what they say looked like a stand-off.

One member, Judy Tyo says, “Looking out the back door by the landscaping of church on the corner was one of the tactical guys, one of the sharp shooters and he was crouched down and he looked like a bush. He actually had the camouflage netting over him and had a sign on the back that said police.”

A frightening sight for many, church members say all they could do was pray.”

Tyo says, “To begin with we did say prayers for everybody involved and the safe outcome.”

Neighbors say they heard police over a bull horn several times asking a man to come out.

And around 10:30 a.m. Sunday they say he came out peacefully and was arrested.

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department has not released any details on the situation.