Grand Rapids Welcomes Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s Running-Mate

An enthusiastic response from hundreds of people in Grand Rapids…

Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine made a stop in Michigan on Friday, August 5.

With both sides of the national ticket filled, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are focusing on Michigan.

That’s why Clinton’s running-mate made a stop in Grand Rapids and spoke to hundreds of people on Wealthy Street.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman were at the Wealthy Street Theatre to listen to what the senator from Virginia had to say.

They have our continuing campaign coverage.


"We can stand up and support a strong woman to be president of this country," Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said to his audience. "Guys, are we up to that?"

A theatre full of eager people listened to Tim Kaine on his visit to Michigan, bringing Hillary Clinton’s campaign with him.

"Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person to be on a national ticket for president in a very a long time and maybe forever," Kaine said.

Clinton’s running mate talked about strengthening national security, equal minimum wage rights and trade deals — the same topics he slammed Trump’s campaign for.

"When this campaign is over and everybody’s forgotten the race and accepted he lost, the two words that we will remember about Donald Trump is ‘You’re fired!’" Kaine said.

As for his audience — they welcomed him with open arms.

"We really like him," Joe Higgin said, a resident of Grand Rapids, who wanted to see Kaine, in-person. "We think he’s talented and we think the two of them are going to work really good together."

"I think he’s really going to go forward, just like she is and I think that’s where the ticket is," said Mary Ellen Higgin, Joe’s wife.

"In the past, we have fallen short as Democrats," said Michael Scruggs, a resident of Kent County. "But we’ve taken the long haul now. It just feels so great to me, being a Democrat right now."

"This is going to be a pitched battle like no other," Kaine said. But, I do know this about you. Michiganders are tough, tough people."

…And with a new campaign hub in Grand Rapids, the Clinton Campaign hopes to start off on a strong foot in Michigan.

"We’ll beat them. We’ll win this November," Kaine said. "We’ll make history with Hillary Clinton and Michigan will stand strong to do that."

Donald Trump is planning on visiting Detroit next Monday.

We will have a crew to hear what he has to say at that event.