Crawford County Brush Fire Breaks Out After Gun Practice At Camp Grayling

Hundreds of acres charred by fire at a local National Guard base.

The fire started just after 2 pm on the Camp Grayling National Guard base in Crawford County.

Machine gun practice sparked the fire of over 700 acres.

The camp says fires like these happen all the time–but typically none of this strength.

Because of the location, in the base’s impact area, they decided to let the fire run itself out, not to put any lives in jeopardy.

Crews used what’s called a black line tactic to contain it, meaning they take away any nearby fuel.

“This is an opportunity just to manage our land and our neighbors as well as the other state land surrounding us is taken care of and safe. Taking out all the fuel around the complex so that way the fire has no more fuel to burn,” says Lieutenant Thomas Green, Director of Plans and Operations Training.

Camp Grayling says they have the fire under control.