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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Workers On Wheels

Jack’s Journal: Workers On Wheels

As crazy as this may sound, an automobile in our society offers opportunity and freedom. 

Goodwill of Northern Michigan is always looking for donated cars that they then give to those who need them.

“Those candidates are struggling to be hard working, good providing citizens for the family, while without transportation at all in their possession,” says LuAnn Heinert, Workers on Wheels.

LuAnn has been at this for most of 10 years. I’ve been told to be careful because she will talk you out of the car keys in your pocket if you’re not careful! 

Most of us take it for granted, the car that gets us to and from work, trips to the grocery store or doctor. I’m told the true life stories of what a donated car can do will bring you to tears.

“The difference these people, in their own words, tell you that happened, their kid is more active and involved, the household earnings are higher, they are full-time, gainfully employed, they are better employees. Their friends are taking their calls now, because they know they aren’t calling for a ride somewhere,” explains LuAnn.

LuAnn is always wheeling and dealing, with a mix of donations, reduced repair charges and purchase. The Workers on Wheels program has gotten 1,000 vehicles to families across the north since it all started in 1999. She tells me she will take anything because it can make a difference.

“Maybe some of them only have a few six months or a year of life left in them, but when you are someone struggling, walking everywhere you get to go, you are trying to figure out public transportation to work for you, then even six months can be that hand up,” says LuAnn.

LuAnn has become a master of matching the car to the family. She’s learned more about cars than she ever thought she would. She also knows that even though with all here efforts she hasn’t helped all those who need wheels. So she takes a breath, fires up her optimism and continues to find those willing to donate.

There is a need for more cars. If you can donate a vehicle contact Luann at