More Local Businesses Participating in Annual Cadillac Sidewalk Sales

From Friday to Sunday, Cadillac had vendors and businesses selling items right out on the sidewalk.

The annual sidewalk sales have brought in foot traffic, and that means a boost in business for this community.

People get to shop outside to enjoy the sun and the bargains.

Meanwhile, owners and employees hope deals attract browsers and loyal customers alike.

Hope Network Employee, Dawn Price said the sales have grown in popularity, with more businesses participating for the first time.

“We’ve been putting a lot of hours in," Price said. "It’s been great foot traffic through here. Very busy, and we enjoy doing it. We get the people from our program out and in the community. We get to meet a lot of nice vendors and people in the area.”

The weekend was Price’s first time selling merchandise for Hope Network, which serves people with developmental and physical disabilities.