Traverse City Sport Rental Shops Seeing Business Spike

Some Northern Michigan outdoor sport rental shops are seeing a huge jump in business.

For some, like The River Outfitters in Traverse City, it’s all because of their kayking brewery tours.

They call it the Kabrew tour.

The river outfitters offers both guided and individual tours.

People kayak and bike to different breweries throughout Traverse City, hitting up hot spots like Right Brain Brewery.

Each tour lasts for a few hours.

It’s all to make sure people have the best possible Traverse City experience.

"Being more sort of a nitch thing where people are able to experience the real culture the food and beer culture of Traverse City as opposed to just feeding the masses," said Captain Mike Sutherland.

The River Outfitters has been swamped, and tomorrow they are booked for their Kabrew tours.