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Traverse City Based Farm To School Program Expands Across The State

A Northern Michigan program inspiring a state-wide movement.

Back in 2013 Groundwork Center, formerly known as the Michigan Land Use Institute, based in Traverse City, partnered with local school districts for a pilot farm to school program.

Now a new legislation passed will expand that program known as "10 Cents More For School Kids and Farms” from three counties to 23 counties and more than 160 school districts across Northern and Western Michigan.

A grant will reimburse schools to add $0.10 to their meal to fund more locally grown fruits and veggies to a meal. 

Groundwork believes that little $0.10 will go a long way.

Senior Policy Specialist Diane Conners says, “What it means is that we can continue to test out how investing just a dime a meal what kind of difference that makes for our kids of their healthy food in their cafeterias and investing in local economies.”

Applications for the grant go out next month for schools to start the program as early as this fall. 

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