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Traverse City Film Festival Security Volunteers Make Opening Night Party A Success

“We have it under control after all these years,”

All eyes in Traverse City are feasting on the film festival Tuesday night as the first party kicked off.

Thousands of people were there enjoying food and drinks.

And it’s all up to a group of security volunteers to keep everyone safe.

9&10’s Veronica Meadows has more from Front Street.

The opening night party shows no signs of slowing down.

It started Tuesday night as people were celebrating the kickoff of the festival.

All of these people kept safe by a small group of security volunteers.

“It’s really run by itself now I can recall a few years ago where it was really difficult because the first time we did this it we had a lot of unknowns. But now we have the knows and we know what to expect,” says Events security manager, Jack Lee.

The opening night party draws thousands of people to Front Street. The event packed with local food and drink vendors.

But behind the scenes, 13 people make sure everyone stays safe.

For the security team the film festival is also a time to catch up with friends.

“The folks who come back every year and they’re from out of state out of town. I just met tom from downstate and I see him every year so it’s kind of a reunion of sorts when the volunteers come back for the following year,” says Lee.

The security team worked nonstop for hours before the party started making sure they were ready, all for people out enjoying the festival.

“It’s really stunning seeing how well organized this is. There are a lot of moving parts and it’s mostly volunteers making it happen and it’s pretty incredible that such a huge event gets carried out every year. So beautiful,” says attendee, Paula Jo Kemler.

Festival goers wanting to leave one message for the security teams dedicated members.

“Thank you so much. Thank you. It’s a wonderful event,” says Kemler

Jack Lee’s team will be working the other parties for the festival including the Founders Celebration and the Closing Night Bash. 

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