Central Michigan University’s Biosciences Building Gets New Green Roof

Central Michigan University is going green… with a new roof.

The new roof will be on the new biosciences building on CMU’s main campus in Mount Pleasant.

The university and Live Roof made it possible to create the green roof that covers 6,750 square feet.

This will bring multiple benefits to the building and will help get about 50 to 60 more years out of the roof. 

Not only will this roof bring a lot more beauty but will also bring a lot more wildlife.

“It’s so nice to see Central Michigan University, this is their second green roof on campus now just to be a forward thinking university, thinking green. You gotta go beyond the recycle bin these days and ya really gotta show that you are on board with the overall ecology of the earth and the future students,” says Live Roof sales specialist, John Aleck.

It took two and a half days to install the green roof and is now completed.