Osceola County Fair Chickens Die in Heat

That hot, humid weather caused some animals to die at a local county fair

The Osceola County fair in Evart had chickens die Saturday when heat index went into the hundreds.


“This is just something that happened you know it’s part of farm life,” says Rick Sherman, President of 4H board.

Hot temperatures yesterday did not just affect people, but also chickens.

Many chickens at the Osceola 4h county fair died from heat exhaustion.

When you put that much fat and muscle on to these birds, it puts a lot of stress on their hearts so then when you bring them in and their extremely hot it happens,  where they heat exhaustion gets them and there’s no saving them at that point,” says Angie Reagan, 4H board member.

The birds were to be shown this week.

4H kids and families say they tried to cool and save the birds.

“There was probably 20 fans in that farm yesterday trying to move air around trying to get the birds. We did a lot of ice packing on them and around them, dumping a lot of water down their backs to cool them down. They all had water in front of them at all times. Some of them, we were actually putting the water in their mouths to get them cooled down from the inside out,” says Reagan.

But the heat was too much.

Kids make sure to prepare for this kind of situation ever year.

“The kids work hard on their projects you know it’s too bad, it’s a tragic thing but that’s part of the learning process, raising animals, it happens sometimes.  But all the kids had backups. They went home and got more and brought them back and all the kids are showing their chickens,” says Sherman.

Despite the loss, kids and families were able to save other chickens.

They say they are continuing to work hard today to keep chickens cool and healthy,

that way, they are ready for show.

“We saved a lot of birds yesterday. I am extremely proud of 4H and Osceola County, we’ve got a lot of great kids here,” says Reagan,

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