Hillary Clinton Formally Introduces Tim Kaine as Running Mate

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton formally introduced her vice presidential pick today. Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia took the stage with Clinton at a campaign rally in Miami for the first time as her running mate.

Kaine won his seat 4 years after serving as chairman of the Democratic National  Committee. He also served as governor of Virginia.

Clinton sang Kaine’s praises today, saying he cares more about making a difference than making headlines. "I have to say that senator Tim Kaine is everything Donald trump and Mike Pence are not."

Kaine says he has a moderate history and while he’s been nominated, he hasn’t lost sight of his public servant title. "As I’ve often said, if I’m good at anything in public life, it’s good because I started at the local level listening to people, learning about their lives and trying to find consensus to solve problems."

Kaine beat out Senator Elizabeth Warren and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack for Clinton’s vice presidential pick.