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Clare County Seniors Stay Cool As Temperatures Heat Up

A number of cooling centers are available throughout Northern Michigan–as the temperatures heat up and put some of us at risk.

Seniors are keeping cool in Clare County–with the help of senior centers.

With four locations throughout the county–they can relax in an air conditioned space.

Seniors are more vulnerable to heat related illnesses and get dehydrated much faster than young people do–so it’s important they stay cool.

Coffee, water, games and activities are always available.

“People do they do come in, enjoy a meal and cool off. It’s good for them too. They always come out and hang out with friends and play bingo, do puzzles and there is activities that everyone does,” says Jake Lipovsky, Public Relations Director for Clare County.

The centers are open from 8:30 to 3:30, Monday through Friday.

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