Hot Temperatures Have Doctors Reminding People to Wear Sunscreen

The hot weather has crowds of people getting out to soak up the sun.

9&10’s Caroline Powers continues our team weather coverage with ways to protect yourself I the heat.

Wear your sunscreen.

Three words we hear all the time, but need to heed.

“It’s worth spending the $10 on a bottle of lotion and getting a better quality and doing it every hour, on the hour,” says Jennifer Lawson.

Jennifer Lawson says when she knows she’s going to be spending time outside, she has a bottle of sunscreen close by.

“I don’t want to get sunburned, and I’ve been there done that and it hurts,” says Lawson. “Today I’m using Neutrogena 55, and I put it on all over and I make sure I put it on at least every hour.”

Having a bottle of sunscreen is the first step to staying safe in the sun, but you also need to make sure you know how strong the SPF is and make sure that you’re applying it regularly.

Doctors say that you should be putting it on before you even make it down to the beach.

“It really gives the sunscreen some time to work before they’re actually going to run out to the water or get covered in sand,” says Dr. Jelanie Bush, Grand Traverse Children’s Clinic. “If you wait until they get right down to the beach they’ll be covered in sand and it’s much more difficult to get it to soak in.”

And it’s important to remember to protect yourself from your head to your toes.

“One parents forgot about a lot is the ears. The ears really need to be covered, or sunscreen on them,” Dr. Bush says.