Republican National Convention Begins With Arguments Against Donald Trump

A final push to take the nomination away from Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

It’s just day one of the four night event in Cleveland and protests raged inside and outside the convention.

Delegates hostile to Trump tried to change convention rules written to smooth his path to the nomination.

Anti-Trump forces called for a roll call vote, a tactic to demonstrate anti-Trump sentiment.

But members of the convention’s rules committee say there will be no changes to take his nomination away.

Monday night, house speaker, Paul Ryan officially elected chairman of the Republican National Convention.

Monday’s theme was making America safe again, something Representative Michael McCaul takes to heart.

"Are you safer than you were 8 years ago? No. Is our military stronger? Is America still respected?” says Rep. Michael McCaul.

Locally, Republican congressman John Moolenaar says he looks forward to a Trump presidency with this statement…

"I look forward to working with a republican president on important proposals that will reform taxes and health care, reduce regulatory burdens and rebuild trust between the federal government and the American people. I have always said I would support the republican nominee for president of the United States and for these reasons, I endorse Donald Trump for president.”