Gaylord’s Alpenfest Celebrates Time Honored Alpine Traditions

New memories and time honored traditions.

It’s another busy day at the Alpine Village of Alpenfest.

You can see it everywhere, especially with the colorful fashion.

That includes plenty of dirndls, blumenkranz and lederhosen!

The 52nd Annual Alpenfest is hopping in downtown Gaylord.

The Alpine-themed fun started Tuesday.

The blumenkranz is one of the many fun traditions you can see all over the Alpine Village that make this festival unique.

“Fifty-two years ago we were celebrating the opening of a new plant that was coming to Gaylord, so that was a big deal, so the community got together, and that was our very first Alpenfest,” says Kelly Combs, Alpenfest special events marketing coordinator.

Fifty-two years of celebrating Alpine tradition.

You can see the ladies coming out in a traditional dirndl.

“It’s like three pieces, so you have your blouse and your skirt that comes with your little shoulder straps, and then you have a little apron that goes around the waist,” explains Kelly.

Men in their lederhosen…

“They are made of suede, and they’re like shorts and they have their own matching straps and they usually, they can have really intricate embroidery on them,” says Kelly.

And of course the famous blumenkranz.

Sue Sheridan has sold the flower wreaths at Alpenfest for 45 years.

“It’s just like a souvenir of Alpenfest, and we wear them with our dirndls and, you know, and people who come, you know, they buy them in their favorite color, they wear them with their blue jeans or whatever,” explains Sue.

And it’s something ladies of all ages love.

“I’ve never had one before, and I know my mom came here when she was a kid, so like this is kind of a tradition in our family,” Gracie Cold.

There are still plenty of blumenkranz to go around if you haven’t made it down to Alpenfest yet.

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