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Grant Me Hope: Omar

Family is our foundation.

Thousands of children are hoping this will be the day they find out they are being adopted into a forever family.

This week in Grant Me Hope we meet Omar, a little boy who loves playing outside, and has big dreams of one day wearing Honolulu blue and silver.

Omar is 11 years old.

His favorite subject in school is math, and he loves to play board games. Omar says his favorite board game is chess because it’s a strategy game that keeps his brain moving.

Omar loves playing football and dreams of playing for the Detroit Lions.

“I want to play catch, and do stuff that’s fun with each other, and have my parents come to my games,” says Omar. “I’m looking for a family that would take care of me and understand what we’re saying, and let me talk and let me go to school, and do stuff that a family would do. I’m looking for a family to just act like a parent to me.”

Grant Me Hope is a collaboration between WWTV, Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, Teddy’s Transport and the business community — all working together to find foster children a forever home.

To learn more about Omar and many other children who are hoping to find their forever family visit or call 800-589-6273.