Archangel Ancient Tree Archive to Partner for New Global Project

A local non-profit that goes around the country cloning trees is starting a new project.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive out of Copemish in Manistee County is partnering with the Eden Project in England to clone and plant trees on all seven continents.

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive has been cloning trees for years.

Now they’re focusing on expanding their impact by taking their "tree school" around the world.

“To clone the largest trees and make those clones available to school children on all seven continents to help start to replant and reforest this planet,” Archangel Ancient Tree Archive Founder David Milarch said.

It’s the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive’s newest project.

They’re working with the Eden Project in England to take their "tree school" off-site.

“We bring the children here, we teach them everything we know how to do, everything we’ve learned and they take it back to their classroom and do it there.”

The idea to expand the tree school’s reach across the pond came up during the group’s latest expedition in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in June.

“The material we took off those trees is now here in Copemish at Archangel Ancient trees, our propagation facility. We hope to rebuild giant sequoias all over the world with these efforts.”

David says the sequoia trees can withstand the elements in several climates.

Planting more of them could help pull more carbon dioxide from the air, making a cleaner environment over time.

“They’re living survivors of everything man could throw at them and everything nature’s thrown at them for several thousand years.”

The goal is to put the earth’s future in the hands of children.

“We plant a tree and then it does all the work itself. We don’t have to manage our carbon footprint every day. It’s an easy way to give us hope for future generations,” said Edie Juno, an intern at Archangel.

The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive will also focus on cloning trees in their natural regions on every continent.