Caught On Camera: Aviation Accident, Kids Hook Shark, Baby Balboa

Caught on camera: The U.S. Navy is releasing footage of an aviation accident on board the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

An E-2C Hawkeye tried to land but ended up going overboard.

Recent footage shows the aircraft coming down onto the flight deck, then disappearing over the side.

It nearly crashes into the water, but the crew is able to steer it up back into the air to safety.        

The Navy says the accident was caused by human error.

Caught on camera: An ocean adventure for a 6-year-old off of Cape Cod.

The boy thought he hooked a striped bass, but it was really a nearly 12-foot long great white shark.

The boy actually hooked the shark’s left fin.

The family emailed pictures to the Atlantic Great White Conservancy who confirmed it was a white shark.

Great whites are usually spotted on the outer Cape, very rarely so deep into Cape Cod Bay.

Caught on camera: An Ohio dad uploaded a video of one tough toddler.

His little diapered boy is keeping up with Rocky Balboa’s moves, copying the training montage from "Rocky 2".

From punches, to jumps, and even push-ups.

The baby Balboa clip even got some attention from Sylvester Stallone on Twitter.

The toddler’s dad said they don’t let him watch the fight scenes, yet.