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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Fish Carving

Jack’s Journal: Fish Carving

I’m always being asked, where do you get your ideas?  Suggestions from viewers, some I come up with on my own, and some I drive by.

On Rose Street there is a fish carved out of a stump. I had to know more.  

The home and fish are owned by Gordie Wilder. He’s retired and enjoys life. 

He had a troublesome tree.

“That one actually hit the power lines and would start on fire every once in a while, so I decided to take ‘em down,” says Gordie.

So that brings in neighbor Scott, who has been carving all sorts of things for 30 years. He makes a suggestion.

“I said, ‘You need a fish in your front yard.’ He said, ‘OK.’ He’s fairly tough to negotiate with,” says wood carver Scott Chupp.

Scott then set to carving a trout. Gordie, being retired, had time to supervise.

“I sat in the golf cart and watched him carve,” says Gordie.

As the two neighbors got to business, I’m told Gordie handled the PR with passersby.

“Oh we’ve had a lot of people stop. Walkers, people driving by stop, want to know. There’s no big story,” explains Gordie

Oh contraire, Gordie!  Inquiring minds needed to know, and this artistic display is not finished. There is another stump!  The boys tell me that will be an eagle by the end of summer. The eagle will be eyeballing dinner.

“That’s the inspiration, everybody’s gotta eat,” says Scott.