Slagle Township Fire Department Temporarily Closes After Chief Resigns

“When this fire department gets up and running, it’s a great fire department and we would like to be community involved,” says Vice President of the Fire Department Board, Loren Hasse.

The Slagle-Harietta Fire Department closed nearly two weeks ago, when all eight volunteers quit.

“Our fire chief resigned, and we had a meeting on June 29th with the township and the village and they see what their prospects were for the fire department. They want to keep it open,” Hasse goes on to say.

Hasse says the community relies on the fire department. “It is a plus for the community that we have fire coverage because we have a lot of forest area around us and as you know the forest fires in other states and stuff are devastating. We never want to see that happen here.”

For now, three other departments nearby are covering emergency fire calls in Slagle Township.

Many here hope the station will re-open soon, and stay that way.

“We need this fire department and I think that yeah, she is temporarily closed, but I say its offline. That it’s not closed. Because we are going to find a chief and we’ll be back online,” says Harietta Village community member Tom Sorensen.

“If this works out we will have a chief and get things up and running before we open the doors. We have a lot of work to catch up on and hopefully we’ll be open within a short time. So hopefully after this meeting we can pick things up and move forward- that’s our goal right now,” Hasse says.