Manistee County High Speed Chase Began With Breaking into Vehicles

A high speed chase in Manistee County began with a report that a man was breaking into cars and stealing items.

Officers arrived at the scene to find the suspect driving with his family inside.

They say the Detroit man was targeting cars parked at the First Street Beach parking lot in Manistee Saturday.

Police say they chased Andres Alonzo at high speed.

When he came to a railroad bridge, he got out and dumped into the Manistee River.

"The van spotted the cops and decided it was going to get out of there," explained Manistee Director of Public Safety, David Buchman. "Jumped the curb with its car and took off heading around the loop. He is traveling high rate speed down 1st Street, trying to get out of town, get away from the officers. The officers continued on him. He went about a mile and half, maybe two miles before he abandoned the car, got into a spot where he couldn’t get out."

The man dumped the van and jumped from a train bridge into the Manistee River.

“He decided that the river was his best route away from the police, and he went in the water. Didn’t work out too good for him," Bachman said.

A boater in the river helped police make an arrest.

“A police officer went out on that boat and pulled the guy ashore.  Pulled the guy on the boat, handcuffed him and arrested him,” Bachman reported.

And all this started with reports of the man breaking into cars on a busy festival weekend.

Manistee local, Jackie Karnisz says someone smashing windows to get into cars is very unusual.

“I’m used to feeling comfortable that my car is going to be safe, that my belongings are going to be safe, that kids are safe walking around,” remarks Karnisz.

Saturday’s wild series of events proves crime can happen in even the quietest, safest places.              

“People that do that, they take what is sitting on the front seat," Bachman said. "They won’t take time to monkey around in the car, they just smash and grab.”

Alonzo has been charged with several crimes, including stealing from cars and driving on a suspended license.