Kids Show Off Wacky Animals At The National Cherry Festival Pet Show

While cherries are certainly the focus at the National Cherry Festival, there are so many events that involve the whole family… Literally.

For many of them, on four legs or two, this has become a tradition.

Michelle Dunaway visited the National Cherry Festival for a look at the Kids Pet Show.

From superheroes to storybook characters, they were big, small, furry and not so much.

The Kids Pet Show is a staple for many during the National Cherry Festival, including Sarah Black, who did something different this year.

"I did Sammy a lot of times, like three times in a row, and I was going to do Rudy but he moves a lot, and Wilson is just perfect. I haven’t done him before and he really doesn’t move," says Sarah.

But one thing that is often the same is the family costume.

"We had a dog named Cody, a long time ago we did the lookalike contest and we still have this, and then Cody died and we used this for another dog, and then Wilson," says Sarah.

It’s certainly working for them. Sarah walked away a winner.

And in the most unusual pet category was something most of us have probably never seen. Olivia brought her aunt’s pet.

"He’s a catasaurus, that’s all I know,” says Olivia.

It was a first time event for both Olivia and Rocket.

"I was nervous because I thought he was going to jump off, but he was actually pretty calm. Surprisingly, because when he’s at the house he’s jumping around attacking you, so I’m surprised he didn’t do that,” explains Olivia.

Certainly admired by the judges, she came in third.

But for both human competitors and spectators, you can see why this is a favorite event for them.

And Sarah says Wilson wasn’t doing too bad either.

"I think he’s feeling good that he won.” 

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