Charlevoix County Skydive Company Makes Jump With Enormous Flag

Some people in Charlevoix County got a breathtaking view of a giant flag flying through the sky on the Fourth of July.

Skydive Harbor Springs set up the dive with one of their partners Leon Roullard from California to make the jump at Michigan Beach in Charlevoix at 1p.m.

Roullard first made the jump from high in the sky with a patriotic parachute.

But the real treat was when he let the 2,000 square foot flag go to fly across the Northern Michigan sky.

Hundreds of people were at the beach for the amazing view.

"It makes you very very patriotic and makes you feel very, very lucky to live in the U.S.A.," spectator John Winn said.

Skydive Harbor Springs says they hope to continue doing the flag jump for years to come.