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Newaygo Sheriff Discusses Muskegon River Task Force After Deadly Weekend

Two people died in the Muskegon River this weekend.

Dive teams pulled a man out of the water in Newaygo.

Known as David to family and friends, he was fishing off a bank and somehow ended up in the river.    

The Muskegon River Task Force was involved in Saturday’s recovery.

It’s made up of the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department, Newaygo Police, Michigan State Police and the DNR.

The Newaygo County Sheriff says the Muskegon River can become more dangerous during the summer.

“The river at this time of year appear to be shallow however all through the river there are very deep holes in fact where the one gentlemen drowned he was in 13 feet of water right off shore immediately off shore,” says Newaygo County Sheriff Pat Hedlund.

The sheriff also stresses the importance of wearing a life jacket any time you’re on the water.

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