Katke Golf Course Hosts Symetra Tour Pro-Am

BIG RAPIDS – Before the Symetra Tour’s second annual Tullymore Classic kicks off Friday at Tullymore Golf Resort, tour professionals participated in a practice round and Pro-Am Monday at Ferris State’s Katke Golf Course.

Monday’s Pro-Am benefited Eagle Village in Hersey and helped players become accustomed to similar playing conditions for this weekend’s 54-hole tournament.

"You would think that since you’re playing a different golf course you’re like, ‘Oh, maybe I want to practice the one at Tullymore,’ but it’s very helpful to play other places too,” Symetra Tour pro Diana Fernandez said. “You get to hit different shots. The wind is going to probably just as bad as it is now, so it’s going to be good practice. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us because we really get to have a lot of fun with the people in it, so it’s like stress relieving for us to participate in this kind of really fun event."

Players will take part in two additional Pro-Ams on Wednesday and Thursday before opening first-round play Friday morning.