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Torch Lake Sandbar Task Force Keeps Community Updated

A task force aimed at keeping Torch Lake clean held a public meeting Saturday morning.

The Sandbar Task Force was created after last year’s Fourth of July celebrations got out of hand at Torch Lake.

Saturday the task force and other community members met at the Clearwater Township Hall in Kalkaska County.

It was a chance for the task force to remind the community and township officials of goals, what they achieved over the past year and what still needs improvements.

People heard about water treatment testing and heard directly from law enforcement about patrol changes around the lake. The task force wants to keep people aware of what’s going on.

Sue Kelly, a community member of the task force says,  “We also want to keep a high level of awareness with the township trustees that this is a significant issue that people really care about this it’s not just a small little group of folks.”

The tasks force plans to hold public meetings more often and in years to come. 

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