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Grand Traverse County RecycleSmart Collects Household Hazardous Waste

Dozens of people got rid of their hazardous materials on Thursday in Grand Traverse County.

RecycleSmart held their third household hazardous waste drop-off event on Thursday.

People could make an appointment to bring in up to 150 pounds of paint, garden chemicals, auto fluids, batteries, and more at no cost.

RecycleSmart says each event has averaged about 30,000 pounds of materials.

And it’s important that people understand there are impacts on anything you throw away.

“Being a Great Lakes state we certainly want to make sure we’re protecting those waterways,” says Sarah Archer, program manager for RecycleSmart Grand Traverse County. “So it’s really important that they get handled here properly. We work with a great property that makes sure things that can get recycled actually do recycled into new product and the others are land filled.”

The next household hazardous waste drop-off will be August 25 from 1-7pm. To make an appointment .

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