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Thousands Gather In Ludington For 25th Annual Gus Macker Tournament

Thousands are headed to Ludington for the city’s biggest weekend of the summer.

Beginning Saturday, Stearns Park will host the .

Nine-hundred teams are already signed up for this 3 on 3 tourney.

It is a charity event.

Each year, between $40,000 and $50,000 go back to the host community, and local businesses in Ludington thrive during these busy days.

“It’s a big impact. Our restaurants are packed, our hotels, our gas stations," says Kathy MacLean, Ludington Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. 

Ludington Gus Macker committee member Dan Foote adds, "When kids were 18-25 years old years ago, now their families are coming here, and they’re coaching their kids and playing, and that’s how we’re growing it.”

Opening ceremonies are Saturday morning at 8.

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