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Traverse City Cyclists Remember Victims Of Kalamazoo Bike Crash

Promo Image: Traverse City Cyclists Remember Victims Of Kalamazoo Bike Crash

300 cyclists, riding together in Traverse City with a purpose tonight.

The cyclists gathered at F&M Park for TC Rides for Kalamazoo.

Tonight’s ride, dedicated to the five cyclists killed and four hurt when a pick up truck hit them last Tuesday.

Police say Charles Pickett Junior was driving that truck in Kalamazoo when he smashed into the group of bikers.

Pickett is now charged with murder.

Traverse City cyclists were showing their support for victims of the Kalamazoo bike crash when they saw some unexpected guests show up.

"I was shocked angry sad scared and didn’t know what to do so I just raced down to the hospital," said Sue Brewer.

Sue Brewer, a cyclist from the Kalamazoo area and member of the Chain Gang recalls the moment when she found out she lost her friends. Tonight, she joined hundreds of cyclists in Traverse City.

"I was surprised like we are so far away from Kalamazoo. Encouraged that others feel the same thing we do," she said.

TC Rides For Kalamazoo, a bike ride to show the way the cycling community unites, no matter the differences between them.

"We don’t know who the plumbers are, the teachers, are or the lawyers or who doesn’t have a job because we all have bikes," Sue said.

It’s all about honoring those lost in last week’s deadly crash.

"It’s something for us to not be afraid even though it’s very normal to feel fearful but it’s something to bring people together to heal to pay tribute," said Ty Schmidt.

Traverse City cyclists, letting Kalamazoo cyclists, and grieving families know they will be there with them to move forward, one bike ride at a time.

"It’s easy to blame the victim sometimes. It’s senseless violence in a world that’s more and more heartbreaking everyday. So I’m happy to see 300 people to show up to show some solidarity for that," Ty Schmidt said.

Tonight’s ride also raised money for the victims of the Kalamazoo crash and their families.