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Traverse City Community Remembers Victims Of Orlando Shooting

"Your contributions will be remembered. You are remembered. And your memory is a blessing," said Rabbi Chava Bahle.

Uplifting words, prayers, and somber music filled the air of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Grand Traverse.

To remember the 49 people whose lives were cut short in Orlando.

The service, calling for the hatred of the attack to be replaced by love.

"This moment doesn’t need more hate," said the Rabbi.

The Rabbi at the vigil, showing sympathy for everyone affected by the shooting.

"Please know that we know the acts of violence in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam. Please know we stand with you and we are so sorry," Rabbi Chava Bahle said.

The candlelight vigil wasn’t the only way people in Traverse City showed their support, as you can see someone used colored duct tape to show members of the LGBT community they don’t have to face this tragedy alone.

"We are still rising and we are going to keep rising until we hit the point we are equal and we are all there and so this is almost like a phoenix moment like out of tragedy out of the burning of the phoenix we will rise from the ashes," said Aari Rebane.

And people around the world, including Northern Michigan, stand with the victim’s loved ones.

"The community is here for them even people who may not be visibly there. We are there we just need to be called on," Aari said.

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