Traverse City Businesses Prepare for Busy, Warm Weekend

On the other side of the spectrum, the warm weather is on tap for this weekend, and is bringing many people to Northern Michigan.

Combine that with schools now letting out for summer, the summer tourism season is set to get into full swing.

The streets and sidewalks filled with visitors for what’s expected to be a warm and busy weekend in Northern Michigan.

With many kids out of school and vacation plans taking shape–it’s a welcome sight for downtown Traverse City stores including American Spoon.

“It’s definitely busier for sure. We’re seeing a lot more people in the store than the the last couple of weekends. It’s always good, we have such a short window of time to make it happen so more people is always better,” said Manager Ian Powell

Many businesses in downtown say they’ve already seen a lot of customers in downtown, and hotels like the Park Place right in the middle of downtown are completely booked for the weekend.

“This weekend I think it’s looking pretty good for us. We finally got some warmer weather back in town so that always helps whether it’s the hotel, or Traverse City, it’s always good to get some warmer weather back so we can get people into town. I think it’s one of the first times we’ve had this year where we’ve actually seem people walk through the lobby with bathing suits on,” said Front Office Manager Tom Maloney.  

A sign summer might officially be here, and hopefully, here to stay.

“This spring has been kind of weird. It’s been off and on, we’ve got some bursts of nice weather and then have snow or 50 and 60 degrees the following day. So it’s been a little up and down for the spring so we’re very relieved to see the summer coming up as far as that goes,” said Maloney.