Mackinac Island Tourist Dies After Bicycle Accident

A tourist on Mackinac Island died after losing control of her bicycle and falling under a moving horse-drawn carriage.

It happened Tuesday on Main Street near the Mackinac Public Library on Mackinac Island.

Michigan State Police say Gail Johnson, from Liano, Texas, was riding a bicycle on Main Street when she lost control and fell under a moving horse-drawn carriage.

Troopers say she was taken to the Mackinac Island Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

They say it is unclear if she suffered a medical incident before the accident.

Mackinac Island’s mayor says it is a tragedy, something they never want to see.

“It is very unfortunate incident, we’re very, very saddened about it. We take care of all the tourists that visit the island. It’s very unfortunate and we are very saddened about it," says Mayor Margaret Doud.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday in Grand Rapids.