Voters in Six States Cast Their Ballots in Presidential Primary

The polls are open in six states on Tuesday as voters cast their ballots in the presidential primary, with many looking towards November’s general election.

Voters in New Jersey, California, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota are choosing who they want to run for president. 

Hillary Clinton is expected to officially become the democratic nominee and face Donald Trump in the fall.

Hillary Clinton reached the delegates needed to become the presumptive democratic presidential nominee Monday night.

On the republican side, Donald Trump has had the nomination locked up for weeks.

Bernie Sanders is also calling on supporters to head to the polls on Tuesday.

He says he will go home to Vermont after his rally in LA Tuesday night, to assess whether he will continue on.

"Let me just talk to you after the primary here in California where we hope to win,” says Bernie Sanders.

Nancy Pelosi announced her support for Clinton Tuesday morning.

President Obama has called sanders to say he will be endorsing Clinton soon.