Veterans Prepare for Mid-Michigan Honor Flight

A group of veterans and their caregivers will be given a VIP tour of our nation’s capital on Wednesday.

The Mid-Michigan Honor Flight takes off Wednesday morning, taking a group of 63 veterans on a special tour of Washington D.C. 

The veterans stayed on the university’s campus overnight, where they registered and got to know their fellow veterans embarking on mission five of the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight.

After seeing everyone arrive on Tuesday, it’s so evident how exciting this experience is for these veterans.

“It’s great fun. Especially to play some songs they knew during the war.”

Veterans like Harvey Alley are bringing the fun for Wednesday’s Honor Flight.

Tuesday evening’s program helped the veterans get to know each other a little more.

The appreciation for these brave men and women is already felt.

“Just to have folks say ‘thank you,’ that is a privilege,” explains Alley, a Navy veteran. “But to see the memorial and to be honored in this way. I did my duty and proudly, but to get this recognition is really special.”

This trip comes after months of planning, including raising nearly $110,000 to make sure this free trip for veterans will give them the “thank you” they deserve.

“These men and women left home, put their lives on hold, defended our country, came back with victory, had some horrific all the way to heroic stories, and they came back and merely started life and building communities. And did they really ever get thanks properly? This is America’s chance to give them that one collective hug,” says Patricia Donegan, Hub Director of the Mid-Michigan Honor Flight.

Wednesday’s trip will be the first time many of these veterans have ever seen our nation’s capital and the memorial built in their honor.

“A lot of guys and gals will see the memorial for the first time. And the overwhelming emotion that comes out of them, both seeing the names and seeing the stars and seeing the different memorials, it’s just amazing.” 

These veterans have some expectations for the arrival in Washington D.C.. knowing the memories will flood back once they see those memorials. 

“Do you think I’m going to get emotional?” Alley asked. “I just picked a half dozen handkerchiefs. Does that answer your question?”

The group will land in Washington D.C. around 11 a.m.

We are thrilled to be a part of this Mid-Michigan Honor Flight and will have continuing coverage throughout the day, so stick with us on air, online and on our social media pages.