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UPDATE: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Deadly ORV Crash

A beloved 19-year-old found dead by family after crashing his dirt bike.

It’s a story we first told you about Friday.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the dirt bike crash that killed Joey Sholl.

He was visiting his dad and brothers over Memorial Day Weekend.

The crash happened last Saturday night on a trail off 10th Avenue in Sears.

"It’s an image that comes back into my brain and I want it to leave," says Joey’s dad, Dan Sholl.

It was supposed to be a memorable Memorial Day Weekend for Sholl and his family, but will be one they will never forget for all the wrong reasons.

Joey crashed his dirt bike and his 7-year-old brother found him dead the next morning.

"It’s an awful thing for a 7-year-old to see. He come back and said ‘Dad a bear got Joey.’ He took me by the hand and walked me out there and showed me and yes it was exactly like he said," says Sholl.

But a bear didn’t cause Joey’s injuries. He ran into a cable hanging between two trees.

His dad says he didn’t put it there.

Today the entire family is still trying to understand the loss.

"He was very athletic. He wrestled. He played football. He did most any sport. He was a very well-mannered child. He never gave me any problems," says Sholl.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the accident, but it’s too early to tell if there was anything criminal about Joey’s death.

"The question here is why is that cable across and who put it there… How much of this is the cable’s fault, that’s what we have to understand and how much of this is the person on the bikes fault," says Undersheriff Justin Halladay.

They’re also trying to figure out if Joey was still on his dad’s property when he crashed, all while understanding the heartbreaking tragedy Joey’s family is dealing with.

"I can’t even imagine what that would be like so our first and foremost is to gather information but also to have some sympathy for them. Any time you have a situation where someone was too young to die there’s a lot of feelings, a lot of trauma, a lot of heartbreak," says Halladay.

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