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What’s Trending Wednesday: Before Hitting the Beach

It’s What’s Trending Wednesday on Michigan This Morning!

Summer is here and many families will be hitting the beach to cool off. On this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday, we share three great ways you can take your beach day trip to the next level.

Chapstick Tube Money

Finding out where to keep your money should no longer be a problem with this tricky idea. Rather than throwing away that old chapstick tube, try cleaning it out to use it as a money holder instead. Roll your bills up and slide them right in to avoid a sandy mess and to keep it safe.

Wine Cork Keys

Make sure your keys don’t float away on a wave by attaching a wine cork to your key holder. It’ll act like a bobber, keeping your keys from going anywhere while also making them visible enough to snatch them up before they slip away from you.

Glow Stick Water Bottle

For those days when the sun goes down but you’re just not ready to leave, shed a little light on your night by sticking a glow stick inside a leftover water bottle. It’s a cordless way to light up your area as the sun sets, allowing you to keep the night alive.

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