Suspect In Traverse City Parking Meter Thefts Arrested

It’s happened again.

Someone’s stealing from parking meters in downtown Traverse City, but this time police think they have their thief.

Wednesday, downstate police arrested Douglas Hastings, who they say was taking change from the meters.

They say Hastings is a locksmith and has been stealing from meters since 2012.

Police think he has stolen $150,000 from meters across the state.

Hastings faces life in prison for stealing from parking meters in Traverse City and several other places around Michigan.

Police say Hastings was a locksmith and would make duplicate keys for the parking meter doors.

Police say Hastings stole at least $150,000 from meters throughout the state.

Hastings was also charged for the same thing back in 2012.

Hastings was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Jackson.

Police say Hastings took hundreds of dollars from Traverse City in April and May, something he’s been doing his whole life.

“In my conversation with him, he started this when he was 17 years old. That’s when he learned how to do this particular type of crime and he’s been doing this for years. So no, we are not the first and hopefully we are the last.”

Hastings is being brought back to Grand Traverse County where he will be charged.

Police think he’s hit other city’s parking meters as well, collecting more than $150,000.