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Fenlon Family Unveils Memorial Plaque

A special unveiling in Cheboygan to honor a patriotic family.

We first introduced you to the Fenlon family earlier this year.

Seven brothers joined the military during WWII and each of them made it back safely.

For years their family has worked to get a memorial to honor their heroic actions.

The Fenlon brothers set the state record for the most family members in the war at once.

Dick Page, nephew of the seven men, says, “When you got seven sons in the war all coming back safely and the eighth one ready to go it’s just a sacrifice that you can’t believe one family could go through.”

In honor of Memorial Day a plaque was unveiled Sunday in Cheboygan on North Black River Road in Grant Township, not far from the home the brothers grew up in. The plaque serves as a special tribute to the seven who served.

Page says, “It’s something I’ll always remember and it’s going to be something that’s going to be there for years and years and years to come.”

A special moment, decades in the making.

Great-grandniece, Danielle Shea says, “This all started because my grandfather tried to get a plaque in the 70s and he wasn’t able to.”

This new plaque represents their bravery, but it also shows the pride the Fenlon family still feels today. 

Danielle Shea says, “I am unbelievably proud. So this kind of became a lot more than it started off as and it became about what that family did, what they put into it and now that it’s done I’m very pleased.”

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