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Traverse City Dog Owner Charged After Dogs Allegedly Kill Other Animals

The owner of two dogs accused of killing several other animals has been charged.

Joseph Kinney is accused of having a stray dog and allowing a dangerous animal to run at large.

Police say his dog got out in Traverse City and killed another dog.

They later turned up almost 30 miles away in Kalkaska County, where they killed several chickens and ducks.

Both charges are misdemeanors and Kinney has a personal recognizance bond set at $500.

Following his arraignment, a show cause hearing was held to determine whether the dogs should be put down.

Several witnesses took the stand.

Including Debra Wilson who says she found the Husky and chow lab-mix in her yard after they killed her Shih Tzu.

“Ohni was on the ground with the Husky on top of her. I didn’t see her right away,” says Debra Wilson.

“Its not the dogs. They are not dangerous. They are doing what dogs do when they don’t have boundaries, they don’t have restrictions and confined space and they’re not given enough exercise,” says Kim Nelson, dog trainer and owner at Bowsers by the Bay.

No decision was made today and the dogs remain at the Cherryland Humane Society.

The hearing will pick back up in June.

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