Michigan State Police Troopers Increase Patrols For Holiday Highway Safety

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the busiest travel days of the year and with more cars on the road comes more danger to drivers.

Trooper Mike Vranish from the Cadillac State Police Post says, “We’ll stop several hundred cars a day just because of the volume of traffic on this holiday weekend.”

Michigan State Police are increasing patrols this weekend to make sure drivers are staying safe.

“We see a combination of everything especially with the drunk drivers and also the road rage incidents. People travel way too fast and excesses the speed limit.” says Trooper Vranish.  

That’s why troopers from the Cadillac Post set up extra patrols in a place where they see a lot of people breaking the law.

Trooper Vranish says, “We see an excessive speed limit up in this area the Manton area and we’re also looking for aggressive drivers as well as drunk drivers and people that are driving causing the moving violations.”

State police don’t just have more cars on the road, on busy days like Friday they use a technique they like to call the Wolfpack.

Trooper Jason Glombowski says, “All of us are all lined up on the exit there just ready to pounce on the speeders." 

Trooper Vranish says, “There’ll be one trooper who runs the laser and then there’s usually five or six chase cars, those cars get called out by radio of what type of vehicle it is and what type of violation is observed and they’ll stop the cars.”

A more effective advantage against the sheer number of drivers.

Those on the road say it doesn’t go unnoticed. Driver Doug Murphy says, “It makes me feel good. I like to see the officers out there, they’re making people be more courteous, keeping the speed down I think they’re doing a good job.”