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Lake City Veteran Receives Honorary High School Diploma

Promo Image: Lake City Veteran Receives Honorary High School Diploma

A high school graduation ceremony, with an extra reason to celebrate today.

Tonight Clint Corpe, an 87 year old veteran, was honored with a high school diploma.

Clint got his honorary diploma alongside his granddaughter, who also graduated at Lake City High School.

"I finally get something I never thought I would get. I never thought I would have a high school diploma at my age? No, but I’m getting it," said Clint Corpe.

A special ceremony and an honorary high school diploma, all for 87 year old Clint Corpe.

"I’m excited I feel good I think my kids are great because they are the ones that put this on. My wife has been hassling me for years and maybe now she will get off my back for awhile," he said.

In the middle of high school, Clint joined the military not able to get his diploma. He served in World War Two, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. But today, was able to get his long overdue high school diploma.

"I have the equivalent of two years of college through the military and that to me doesn’t count, my GED doesn’t count, this counts and I’m very happy to be getting it so it’s been a long time," he said.

Clint was escorted by his granddaughter, a simple moment, meaning so much to Clint’s entire family.

"To me it just seems like a natural thing for everyone to get their diploma and the fact that he had to go to war so he couldn’t get his diploma is just mind blowing because obviously our boys don’t get drafted so it’s just exciting to see him doing something that seems natural to all of us," said Haley Heistand.

With an honorary diploma, taking Clint’s life full circle.

"It definitely heartwarming to see him graduating and also very exciting because he’s such a great man and he deserves this moment. He’s come from a hard life serving in three wars it’s gotta be hard on someone and just seeing him succeed like this is nice," Haley Heistand said.

Clint Corpe was also escorted by a special Marine Sergeant tonight.

And just like any graduate, Clint and his family will have a party to celebrate.