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DNR Shares Tips For Safe Boating On Memorial Day Weekend

The roads aren’t the only thing buzzing this weekend. There will be plenty of people out enjoying our lakes and rivers.

The DNR says everyone should be very careful and courteous as they share the waters.

There is a list of things boaters should do at the start of any season, before the craft ever touches the water.

Check for any damage from winter storage and stock up with proper supplies, including life jackets.  

The DNR says boaters should also watch out for submerged obstacles that can damage boats.

“Well, in the springtime, sometimes there are stumps or logs that may have been on the bottom that may come to the surface, or something that fell into the water during the spring that they’re not aware of. So what wasn’t there last weekend may be there this weekend,” says Lt. Glenn Gutierrez.

The DNR says alcohol and boating is a bad idea no matter what.

Our waters are still very cold, putting anyone who goes in at greater risk of hypothermia.

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