Grand Traverse County Man Dies Swimming In Cedar Hedge Lake

One Grand Traverse County man died Wednesday after he and his roommate tried to swim across a local lake to an island.

People living on the lake were able to rescue the two from the water, but by that point one of them was already unresponsive.

The men were swimming in Cedar Hedge Lake in Grand Traverse County’s Green Lake Township.

“My first reaction was where they come from,” says Terrie Birndof who lives on the lake.

Two men swimming in Cedar Hedge Lake, struggling to get to an island.

Lt. Chris Barsheff of Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office says, “Yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon we received the call about two men swimming in Cedar Hedge Lake and that they were having difficulties and possibly drowning.”

It turned out people living on the lake were trying to help.

Terrie Birndof says, “My neighbors had heard, yelling. Somebody was yelling ‘help me, help me’ and they went by boat out there and said that there were two people in the water.”

Neighbors did the best they could, getting the men into their boat and back on shore, but 23-year-old Anthony Racine was unresponsive.

Lt. Barsheff says, “Their plan was to swim to the island and unfortunately on the way the 23-year-old succumbed what we’re yet trying to determine today through an autopsy.”

Deputies are still waiting on the results of Thursday’s autopsy, but remind people, especially going into the holiday weekend, to remember water safety.

“This time of year the water temperatures are significantly colder than they are in the summer and because of that there could be some physiological issues that go on with your body when you’re in cold water,” says Lt. Barsheff.