Emmet County Meat Markets Busy Prepping for Holiday Weekend

With the Memorial Day weekend just about to start, local meat businesses are ready for the rush of people.

Plath’s Meats in Petoskey says they’ve doubled up on their orders to make sure they’re ready for the extra business.

They say that their big sellers are hot dogs, brats and breakfast bacon and sausage.

Plath’s says it’s already been busy and if they’re not helping a customer, they’re in the back prepping.

"Everybody’s back in town. Everybody’s coming up, finally getting ready for summer, getting their cottages and second houses in order," Plath’s Meats assistant manager Matthew Blythe said. "It’s the start of summer for everybody up here."

On a normal day they’ll see around 70 customers, but for the holiday weekend, that will jump to as many as 200.