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Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Win Washington State Primary

Promo Image: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Win Washington State Primary

Washington State held primary elections Tuesday for both democrats and republicans.

Hillary Clinton won with 54% of the votes, and Donald Trump won with 76% of the votes.

Despite her win, Clinton is in a split delegate battle with Bernie Sanders, who is calling for a ‘recanvas’ in Kentucky.

Vote totals showed Hillary Clinton winning in Kentucky by less than 2,000 votes.

Sanders sent in a letter asking for review and confirmation of those votes.

Some say he’s looking for momentum, but others say a re-count won’t change the results of the election.

As of right now, Kentucky’s Democratic Party says Sanders would get 27 delegates, and Clinton would get 28.

While both democratic opponents are still in a contentious primary race, Donald Trump is already in general election mode.

The presumptive republican nominee is expected to have enough delegates on or before New Mexico’s primary on June 7th to officially win the nomination.

The respective front-runners were also on the attack Tuesday night.

Clinton hit on Trump’s background, calling him out for his taxes and bankruptcies, and also accusing him of rooting for a recession with comments he made in the early 2000’s.

Trump says he did make a lot of money in the down markets, but was making the best of a bad situation.

Ohio Representative Tim Ryan backed up Clinton’s claims, stating that, “Perched in the gold-plated towers of the Trump building in New York City, there was a billionaire saying, ‘I hope this happens. I hope the housing market collapses.’"